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ABOUT Pilates

Pilates is an exercise and physical movement method that is developed a 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates. It is designed to control your body, mind and muscles. Joseph rehabilitated injured WW1 soldiers in England. Later on he used his method (back then called “Contrology”) on professional athletes and dancers in New York City to prevent them from getting injured and produce their peak performance.

It is a systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns. Your deep abdominal strength, joint mobility, flexibility, blood circulation and balance will be trained. In that way it will improve your body posture, you will feel more energetic, taller and stronger to be able to do more things in life! Pilates is suitable for everyone, all ages and from beginners to professional athletes.



ABOUT Classes

We offer group and duet classes on the mat and privates on the reformer. The classes are suitable for everyone, all ages and from beginners to professional athletes. Our goal is to help everyone that needs personal attention to their bodies. We are always in contact with physiotherapists, to discuss and to get extra information.

The GROUP CLASSES are not with more than 10 people, to be able to give more attention to the clients than for example in a big gym or studio. 
The BASIC class is suitable for those starting and/or are not familiar with the Pilates technique.
The INTERMEDIATE classes are for those that are familiar with the Pilates technique, and want to have more challenge.

The PRIVATE reformer classes are custom made specifically for your needs and goals.
We can have a closer look at your posture (injuries), and help you in a more efficient way.

The DUET mat classes give you the opportunity to get more attention than in a group
class and there will be more room for questions.
Because you can share the class it is also more affordable than a Private class.

Email us to make an appointment for a Private or Duet class!
We offer a 30-min free try-out.

Class policy:
– Please sign in before every class!
– The duration of a class is 60 min. 
Please be present at least 5 min before the class.
You must report any injuries and/or (interim) medical contraindications before you take a class at About    Moving.
When Anique or Marloes are not able to teach a class, there will be suitable replacement.
– About Moving has the right to cancel a class at least 8 hours before.
There are no shoes allowed in the studio.
Every client cleans the mat after the class with the provided cleaning sprays.



Group Mat Classes

2 classes               €   13,00 (50% DISCOUNT for only new clients)

Single class           €   13,00

5 classes               €   60,00  (Valid 2 months) 

10 classes             € 110,00  (Valid 4 months) 

Private Reformer Classes

Single class             55,00

5 classes                € 260,00 (Valid 2 months) 

10 classes              € 480,00 (Valid 4 months) 

Duet Reformer Classes

Single class               30,00 p.p

5 Classes                € 135,00 p.p (Valid 2 months)

10 classes              € 250,00 p.p (Valid 4 months)

Payment Policy:
–  You can attend the class only after payment.
–  We have a 8 hour cancellation policy for all classes.
–  After a cancellation later than 8 hours the class is not refundable, that means that the class will be   charged.
–  The purchase of a single class or a try-out package is valid for 1 month.
–  The purchase of a package of 5 class is valid for 2 months and a 10 class package for 4 months.
–  All purchases are final and non-exchangeable, unless we have to move to a different studio location. Then we will transfer the remaining classes back to you.
– If there is no available places left in a group class you can put yourself on the waiting list. You will       receive an email when a place opens up.
– Contact us if you would like to book a Private or Duet class!



Reserve your class below. There is a 8 hour cancellation policy for all classes.

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